ABOUT Affinity Experience


Affinity Experience was born amid the Covid-19 Pandemic when festivals were shut down for the summer. We were simply a group of great friends who wanted to hold our own mini festival in place of those we would miss. There were a few of us who took on the planning and set up which allowed us to hold a weekend long festival where we truly belong: Out in nature with one another and some heavy bass driven music, games, art, limitless inside jokes, deep belly laughs and great food.

When all was said and done we sat together in the silence of a beautiful sunset and realized that what we loved most about our favorite festival was actually inside of us all along. We threw caution to the wind and jumped all in on the decision to make the festival an annual event. Held to a vote by the group, this new festival was officially titled Friendzy Fest. Affinity Experience was born by two local entrepreneurs with an incredible group of friends and family rallying behind them to help – all in the name of great music and company! When the after movie of the initial festival hit socials, Affinity Experience took off and made a name for themselves as the place to be where friends undoubtably become family. When you find someone who’s aura you grow to love at an Affinity Experience event it is common to chant: “One of us! One of us!” but it doesn’t take much for a person to feel that love, just be a good person with a child-like spirit and you will be right at home, and one of us at Affinity.

The annual Friendzy Fest is not where we end, it was only the beginning. We wanted to expand our love for EDM music and other music genres, so we put together one night events for the local community to enjoy such as “A Night in the Beat Lab” and “Rave to the Grave” and there are many more to come.  We wanted to put on music events of all kinds and spread the love among a wider audience, which is why we are glad we have friends to partner with at Bedroom Studio’s who bring a wider demographic element to our name as well.