Friendzy Fest – The Year of The Mushroom


in beautiful Rangeton Park, Alberta


Starts: Thursday Aug 11th, 2022 @ 3:00 PM
Ends: Monday Aug 15th, 2022 @ 1:00 PM

Location: Rangeton Park, Evansburg


It’s true what they say: some memories are meant to last forever.

In the dusk, chilly air of early 2020, an idea had arisen. A vision, a dream. To most, only reverie, yet what was only imposed as fantasy has now crystalized into reality. The passion of music, the love and joy of friendships, and the bliss of incredible experiences that leave memories that last a lifetime have an impacting effect on every person. Affinity Experience has given birth to a phenomenon, something that will leave you wanting more, and of which has created a legacy in the music industry. We present to you, Friendzy Fest.

What started as a group of 50 friends that wanted to get away from reality has now turned into sensation amongst artists and fans all over western Canada. With new elements added every year, increased production, contests, food trucks, an art gallery and art classes, we promise to not only give you an experience you’ll crave for years, but friendships that will last a lifetime. Themed years are one of the many unique things that make Friendzy Fest stand out amongst the crowd, and the passion brought into every festival is unmatched.

Friendzy Fest – The Year of The Mushroom. Located in beautiful Rangeton Park, Alberta Canada, the fresh air of the surrounding trees and the beautiful Pembina River nestled alongside will bring you back to your roots with nature. A 60 foot stage is present, with increased production, +70 000 watts of bass, projection mapping and more lighting, just to name a few. With an abundance of campsites, there are many locations across Rangeton Park that allow the freedom of choice and enough room to camp with all of your friends.  This year we will be adding a beach stage!!

From local to mainstream artists coming to perform for the annual Friendzy Fest, there will always be music that fits your vibe. In partnership with Bedroom Studios, live musical artists will be performing during the day. The likes of Brasstactics, Tate Irving and Jodie B have brought spectacular performances in the past, with many more to come. With Affinity Experience handling EDM artists, Small town Djs, Prayer Handz and Kimati have made the crowd dance the night away, just to name a few.  

Mel’s Mastery Art Tent will be exhibiting local art with many new artists every year. From painting, glass blowing, and many other artistic disciplines – Mel’s Mastery Art Tent is always a must to stop at when venturing around the festival grounds. Taught by none other but Melanie herself, art master classes are designed for any experience level, encouraging everyone to allow the creative juices to flow. Close enough to the stage, you won’t be missing any of the vibes that radiate from stage area and won’t miss anything.

Affinity Experience is exceptionally enthralled to announce that we will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to a local charity. Any extra donations are always more than welcome.

Not only a promise, but a guarantee – everyone will leave with a superfluity of stories, newfangled experiences, a new found love and passion for music, and many new friendships. The love at every Friendzy Fest is palpable, your connection to nature will be revitalized, and abstract production and design will rejuvenate your soul.

18+ ID Required. No Exceptions!