Friends Who Become Family

Affinity Experience Services

At Affinity Experience we would like to provide multiple variations and forms of entertainment to share as much as we can of what we are so passionate about.

Events at local businesses: Bars, restaurants, lounges, parks and private bookings.

Larger events at halls, conference centres, recreational areas and county permitted land.

Virtual events so we can keep our audience connected.

Promotion of Music Events:


Work with local businesses and provide equipment, gear, personnel and various genres of musical talent. Adaptive to create the theme and presentation the host desires. The host continue will providing amazing services on their side and we will provide the right kind of vibrating entertainment for the audience.


Build it and they will come they say. As an entertainment company we make sure there are plenty of space to create the experience that won’t be forgettable. We aim to please, to do so we aim to provide larger events in local halls and host magical Affinity Experience Events. We will provide the equipment, gear, personal, safety and of course various musical talent.

Parks/ Recreational Areas

Nothing is more refreshing then being bare foot in the grass in the sun dancing to the right bpm of rhythmic ear candy. Towns/counties have amazing maintained locations for a great place to bring friends and family to get outdoors. We like to work with them and host large events of all ages. We want everyone to share the Affinity Experience that we are so grateful to provide. To accomplish this imagine we would coordinate and work with towns/counties to provide equipment, gear, personnel, safety and again amazing musical talent.

Promotion of Festival Events:

Festivals are truly a life changing experience, that has touched something internally in our souls and was the inspiration to born Affinity Experience. Festivals bring you to your roots, the freedom of self reflection and the growth of intimate connections with so many that yearn for the same experience. Where friends become family. This is our most favorable promotion, lots of time and effort goes towards this amazing annual event. We want to create a space in your soul and fill it with love and joy. To accomplish such beauty, we are so fortunate to have so many amazing friends with amazing talents and skills that inspired us even more that this festival can come to life as we imagine it. We realized later going to festivals it wasn’t all destination but a journey together to create this blissful, inspiring, imaginative and empathetic feeling when brought together at a festival. What we provide to our growing festival is infrastructure including sanitation, food, apparel, workshops, information, safety, security and Affinity Experience musical entertainment.

Promotion of Private Events:

We are available and honored to work with private owners to provide an Affinity Experience to who they would love to share with. Let us sit down, discuss and manifest this event to which will accomplish an Affinity Experience you will never forget. We can provide insight, equipment, food, safety, security, vibes and musical talent.

Promotion of the Future Events:

Always challenging ourselves with new goals for where Affinity Experience can take us. Goals we want to provide are online merchandise, office space, festival property and even a record label.